With so many people convinced that it’s not so hard to be a stay-at-home mom or dad, exhausted parents often have to show them the reality. One of the ways these at-home warriors are debunking this myth is by candidly sharing their parenting struggles. Brad Kearns, a father of three, who, hand-in-hand with his wife, documents their parenting journey on social media, decided to get real about full-time parenting. Brad and his wife Sarah have been together for 10 years, they met through Brad’s cousin when they were teenagers. Brad told Bored Panda that currently, he works as a business development lead and a workforce planner. However, he expressed online that his job is nothing compared to the daily duties of his stay-at-home wife. Things Sarah does to take care for the children may seem unimportant to most, such as taking the kids outside, “how easy is that”, Brad writes in his Facebook post. However, he then explains, how tiring these seemingly small tasks truly are. “Comparison is the thief of joy. Especially when it comes to “stay at home vs go to work”. Everybody with kids works hard whether they receive a payslip or not,” he says. The post he wrote went viral with many mothers praising him for acknowledging this often overlooked truth. Scroll below to read it!

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Meet Brad Kearns and his stay-at-home wife Sarah who are proud parents of three

Recently Brad took to Facebook to acknowledge that being a stay-at-home mom is definitely not as easy as some might think

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