Simultaneously steampunk and retro, the Franken Edison Light is an imaginative take on Edison’s light bulb and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein novel designed by Dale Rorabaugh. On each end of the balanced, scale-like structure is an eight-inch, mouth-blown sphere that serves to encase the Edison light bulbs.

The design playfully emulates the various Frankenstein films that bring the monster alive by sending lightening bolts to the montster’s body (a.k.a Van de Graaff generator) by using the two globes on each end of the light. The single articulated joint on the lamp allows you to adjust the light pattern. Three brightness touch switch allows you to raise and lower the intensity of the bulbs. The lamp’s body is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, anodized where possible, and a touch-activated on/off switch with three level brightness. With all of this, it’s only natural that It’s Alive!