Me and my wife Ania are bloggers from Poland. We write popular non-english language travel blog (eng. “Where to go”).

We travel occasionally and encourage our readers to take unusual and thematic journeys. In April, I took a trip to New for my 30th birthday.  I prepared for the trip and did a researched two months before traveling because I wanted to visit places known from famous movies. I made pictures of them and then I moved myself inside these scenes.

More info:


    “Godzilla”, it saw me!

    This scene was filmed near the Flariton Building (backround)


    “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the famous window

    This photo is some kind of icon. I found this window and compare my photo with Audrey Hepburn.

    Charlie Chaplin On Wall Street. Standing next to the superstar

    “Manhattan”, enjoying a nice evening together


    “When Harry Met Sally”, I met her too!

    “Home Alone II”, Me and Kevin meeting Santa

    Empire Dinner restaurant, Chelsea

    “Leon, the Proffesional”, I was waiting for Leon near his apartment. Hello man

    You can find Leon’s flat at the corner of Park Avenue and East 97’th St


    “Once upon a time in America”, movie poster in the real world


    This famous scene came from official movie poster. You can find it on Washington Street, Brooklyn

    “The Avangers”

    “Madagascar”, yes I know, it looks crazy


    This scene was created on Grand central train station. Marthy has my legs!

    “Spiderman”, Me and Tobey on parallel universe

    This scene is funny because I use my travel bag as Peter Parker is using paperbag. Near Public Library

    “You’ve got mail”, they are coming!

    This scene was filmed at Verdi Square but… Yoey and Kathleed not met there