Redditors can’t believe the twist in this exchange that shows what happens when catfishing goes wrong. The screenshots, posted on r/quityourbullshit, a subreddit for stories about people trying to pass off some BS as true and getting owned, show a guy messaging a random number and trying his luck. When the person on the other end seems to be a woman who’s curious about who he is, he thinks she’s taken the bait and he has the upper hand, but it turns out she has a major reverse card ready for him.

Sit down, because this story has a real twist

Need to read that a couple of times?

So apparently, she recognized the man in the picture all along, but played along to see how far he would go before calling him out… by sending him a picture of that guy’s girlfriend.

One commenter asks what is the point of catfishing, when a real-life meeting would immediately undo all the progress a catfish has made to charm their victim. But catfish don’t necessarily have the expectation that they can get a date or a hookup by posing as someone more desirable than themselves, and they often avoid meeting in person at all, preferring to sit back and congratulate themselves on their manipulation skills from a distance. This guy doesn’t even look like he was playing that much of a long game, but rather waiting for “Rachel” to try to impress him so he could ridicule her.

We’re not sure what kind of power-tripping scumbag someone would have to be to text random numbers looking for interested women just so he could eventually pull out a “gotcha”, but hopefully this has made him think twice. On second thought, it seems like one of the only ways this could happen is if all these people were acquaintances, so we can imagine this loser sweating next time he sees this couple out.

Commenters were impressed by how she played her cards