My name is Norihito Hatanaka and I create a fake food accessories. Normally, my factory creates ‘industrial art food models’ for display at restaurants. One day, I thought I wanted to create something interesting by using our expert technology of the craftsman.

I considered what should I create to expose the fake food to public view. And as I was interested in fashion, I decided to make accessories that have a food motif. I get inspired for my work from casual daily scenery. Easily available common food items are charming as they are, though people sometimes don’t notice that.

More info:

Curry necklace

Bacon bracelet and earrings

Colorful fruit necklace

Spaghetti headband

Spaghetti and egg necklace

Pancake accessories

Tomato spaghetti necklace


Hamburger and French fries


Bacon egg headband

Doughnut accessories

Spaghetti Bolognaise necklace

Spaghetti Earrings

French toast headband

Omelet necklace and ring