Long hours of grinding but it is all worth it. I used only my forefinger to digitally sketch and paint all of my subjects. It is quite hard to come up with original concept nowadays due to many talented artists out there.

Why eyeball? Why not! Still, we need to continue doing what we love to do.

Being an artist is a lifestyle, there is no stopping creativity. Every ounce of juice within us must come out for the world to see. Hope you guys appreciate what I wanted the world to see – an eyeball with personality.

More info: www.pinterest.com


My first ever vintage looking photo digitally sketched. Im quite fascinated with the old photographs which inspired me to do illustrations such as this.


Second vintage style digital illustration i made. It has a video on Vimeo from scratch to finish. You might wanna check that out.


Sepia! Again, vintage photo effect. This time our eyeball subject is with a St.Bernard. This piece also has a video on Vimeo from start to finish.


This piece is a product of my review on Source of Light and shadows. I posted a video of this illustration on Vimeo


Our eyeball doin some race. This illustration was inspired by unicycles and scooters.


No.12 has a very deep meaning here in the State of Washington. Again this one was inspired by unicycles and scooters.


What about using two regular eyeballs…haha…random sketch i did while thinking about the color green.


Inspired by Groot. I wanted my own Root! A friend from facebook requested if i could do a “groot” kind of a concept using my eyeball. And here it is.


Now this is gold. Our eyeball a fossil?


I love heroes/villains illustrations. Anatomy and body proportions are part of my daily sketches. Our eyeball is up to something here, goin up north to check out the blizzards. Frost!


I spired by word triune. Three eyeballs eyeballin each other for world domination.

Duo Booz

They are actually twins! But they have different taste when it comes to mask. This one is part of my Source of Light and Shadow studies.

King Anaxx

Contrast! Royalty. I”m a fan of Game of Thrones…our eyeball wants its own throne of swords too.