I created these pieces after discovering Martin Klimas’ high-speed photography series titled “Exploding Vases.” Each photo captured a vase just after being shot by a steel ball. I thought it would be amazing if, instead of staring at a photo on my wall, I could have a real-life exploding vase sitting on my coffee table.

I source each vase from weird and wonderful places around Europe, before blowing them to smithereens. The vases are then reconstructed back into that initial explosive state, where half of the vase is in stoic calm and the other half in complete chaos.

I love that I can hold these two opposing states in my hands and see them from every angle. Even better, they work perfectly as a normal vase to hold water and our favourite flowers!

More info:

There’s something fascinating about watching an object being detonated

But what if you could capture that moment and hold it in your hands as well?

I created real-life exploding vases for the home

Inspired by high-speed photography, the vases are frozen in an instant of destruction


Each piece is handcrafted in Paris


The mind boggling vases are fully functional, holding water your favourite flowers

They are a unique example of functional art and an instant conversation starter

That would look great in any interior!