To celebrate their 30,000th subscriber, European “Reddit” held a poll where users were able to weigh in on their opinions of countries besides their own. Questions ran the (super serious) gamut from “Which European country can drink the most” (Russia, home of drunken yoga masters and driving fail video compilations) to “Which European country has the silliest accent” (the French by a landslide).

After Reddit responded, user IchBinSisyphos compiled the results and published them as maps. The project reminds us of Yanko Tsvetkov’s maps of national stereotypes, but instead of mapping one prejudice across all of Europe, Tsvetkov mapped prejudices across Europe according to a single nation or group.

Germany was unanimously voted (by almost 2,000 people) as having the worst sense of humor, so they may not get a laugh out of the map compilation. Or, come to think of it, maybe they will… But that’s OK, because Germany was also voted most-loved by Reddit.

What do you think about the results? Do you think another nation should have won one of the categories? Let us know in the comments!

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Which European country is your least favourite?

Which European country has the worst sense of humour?

Which European country’s citizens can drink the most?

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Which European country has the silliest accent?