You may have seen a few of the “It’s coming home” memes around lately, a reference to a world cup song made for England in the 1990’s about football ‘coming home’ and England finally winning a major tournament.

Excitement reached fever pitch as, quite unexpectedly, a quite unfancied England team took advantage of a favorable draw to make it all the way to the semi-finals of this year’s world cup. Some people got so carried away that they even got celebratory tattoos to commemorate the team’s ‘victory,’ not being able to wait until it actually happened. Predictably, England then crashed out of the tournament against a wiser and more experienced Croatia side, and those tattooed enthusiasts ended up looking more than a little stupid.

However, despite the disappoinment of the result, there doesn’t appear to be any regrets. Jamie Richardson, from Leeds, had a picture of the trophy with the words “England 2018 World Cup winners” tattooed on his abdomen after watching England beat Panama 6-1 early on in the competition. “For me it was like a premonition, as if someone said ‘get that tattoo Jamie lad and they’ll bring that cup home,’” he told the BBC. “I had no doubts whatsoever.”

Unfortunately for Jamie, his premonitions were telling him pork pies (lies). He seems to be ok with it though. “I have had the best two weeks of my life. I have been so proud to be English and nothing will change that.”

“I will never, ever, ever get this tattoo removed.”

Scroll down below to check out Jamie’s tattoo, as well as some others who jumped the gun, and let us know what you think in the comments!

This fan decided to get an artwork at half-time of the England vs Panama game, when the Three Lions were already 5–0 up

“I just had this epiphany. I knew we were going to win the World Cup”

Another fan had “World Cup Winners 2018” inked on his thigh along with the face of captain Harry Kane

He did it before England played against Croatia in the semi-finals

Where England crashed out of the world cup, losing 2-1 after extra time

He also had ‘it’s coming home’ penned, a reference to a song from the 1990’s about ‘football coming home’ to England, where the game was invented

Many other fans had ‘it’s coming home’ tattooed as well

Here’s how people reacted