Billionaire founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, is one of the most successful college dropouts of all time – but his lack of a diploma didn’t mean he had a lack of work skills. No matter what route you take, most people agree that the best, brightest and most skilled deserved to be hired. Take for example the artist Davian Chester who drew a Junteeth illustration for Google that went viral. The artist was hired by the company for his talent and not for his work experience.

Well, one social media user thinks that hiring people for entry-level jobs based on their skills is not a fair way to run the labor market. Their controversial tweet has spread across different platforms and ignited some entertaining responses about inclusivity and employment etiquette.

Someone tweeted out a controversial view on what skills should be required to get hired

The tweet sparked a lively debate across the internet

Some people saw his perspective and partially-agreed with his point

An issue that many college graduates or anyone applying for jobs find is the level of experience listed. Recruitment search group TalentWorks analyzed a random sample of almost 100,000 jobs and found that 61pc of all full-time ‘entry-level’ simple jobs require more than three years of experience. So how does someone with “no experience” get hired then? According to The Muse, this strategy is used to narrow the pool of applicants. “You’d be surprised to learn what can qualify as “relevant experience,” says contributor Lily Zhang, adding to focus on transferable skills, and clearly state your “ability to contribute directly.” Former agency recruiter and an HR manager Jaclyn Westlake writes: “If you meet at least 80% of the requirements listed in a particular posting, don’t overthink it—just apply.”

While others completely disagreed