Entrepreneur Elon Musk likes setting Twitter on fire. Recently, he destroyed the Flat Earth Society with a single question, and now Elon tweeted “35,000” without any context, igniting another hilarious discussion about what the mysterious number could mean.

His follower Dallas Michael McLennan shared his opinion about the (seemingly) random number, asking “Is that how many times I’ve tweeted to you without getting a follow back?” Others jumped into the conversation and it escalated ridiclulously quickly.

“His tweet game is on lock,” McLennan told Bored Panda. “I never know if he’s gonna tweet something serious about AI, make a joke or [say] something that I don’t even understand at first (like a number).”

Dallas follows Elon because the guy thinks that minds like his come around rarely. “He works so hard to better our future and I just find him really interesting. In fact, I was just watching an Albert Einstein documentary, I love learning about innovators who come in and change our world.”

Scroll down to witness the funny exchange and let us know your thoughts about the mysterious “35,000” in the comments!

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