Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mino. No, in fact, these are Mino’s ears. I would have to say that the tendency of every dog owner is to take many photographs, on many occasions. And I do so too. But every time I turn around, I see his ears first!

Ears every day keep the doctor away! Stay tuned and follow Mino for his 365 photos!

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Sweet ears for breakfast?

You’re always on my mind, baby.

My personal assistant.

Same color, same sweetness.

My wake-up present.

A matter of yoga poses.

Mino, I’m sure you’re waiting for my sandwich.

Mino the IronDog.

Throw it! Throw the stick! Throw it! Throw it!

So many things to do. To do? To do, to do, to do to do to do to do to dooooooo, to do to do.

You want to save some of that for later?!?

Waiting for my friend.

Parking? You’re doing it wrong, man.

Duels and street art in Milan.

I was just wondering, what year is it now?!

Grandma’s cooking. Woohoo!

It’s like… I can’t choose.

Barefoot in the park.

Vogue Dog.

Hey! You’re 9 ears old! Happy Birthday!

Dear pizza, can you fall to the ground?