Recently a city surveillance company in Russia released a heartstopping viral video which shows the kitten on the highway, likely to have fallen or tossed from a passing car. The little one was completely frozen in fear, as busy cars were passing over it, leaving absolutely no hope for the tiny cat…
The poor thing was there for around 3 minutes, and no vehicle stopped to save it. Then this man showed up, whom the Internet community calls nothing short of a hero.
Meet Denis Degtyarev, a 42 year-old Russian who risked his own safety just to help the cat. ‘He was so helpless that I could not pass by’ Degtyarev told a Russian Newspaper. Apparently, the kitten was so young, he couldn’t even feed itself, so Denis had to take care of it. With the help of some friends, Denis even managed to find a loving home for the survivor cat. Faith in humanity restored!

(h/t: ibtimes)