18-month-old William (Wil) Lawrence, the youngest in his family, was born a little bit different from the rest of his brothers and sisters, but that won’t hold him back. Wil has Down syndrome, but thanks to a bit of Photoshop magic and some ingenious photo ideas from his photographer dad Alan, he also has a very special gift – Wil can fly!

Alan, who lives in Utah with his wife and 5 beautiful children (with one more on the way), takes the photos with the hope that they will inspire Wil; “These beautiful photos of Wil flying have taken on a special meaning for me as I think about the unique challenges Wil is going to face growing up. I hope to teach him that even with his disabilities he can do anything he puts his mind to.” He takes these adorable children photography shots by holding up Wil and then editing himself out.

Alan is also preparing a project called “Bringing The Light,” the goal of which will be to inspire and offer support groups for other families living with Down syndrome. Check it out on Kickstarter!

More info: thatdadblog.com | Kickstarter | Facebook | Instagram (h/t: liftbump)