‘Elsewhere’ is a beautiful found-wood mural by Belgian artist Stefaan De Croock that he made with old furniture and doors. He’s been working full-time on ‘Strook,’ this artistic project, since 2011. Strook avoids repainting any of the material that he finds, letting the pieces and the setting speak for themselves.

“Every recycled sculpture or mural has it own story. In this case, the wall on which I constructed the installation was also an inspiration,” he told Modern Met. “The melancholic, fragile pose of the figure symbolizes a person in the comfort of his home, where he is truly himself.”

Strook finished a Master’s of Fine Arts in graphic design at Sint-Lucas, in Ghent, Belgium. His first exhibition was held in 2010, and he has shown his work across Europe and the United States.

More info: strook.eu | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: mymodmet)

“I like to work with discarded wood. It’s like a footprint of time”

“Every recycled sculpture or mural has its own story”

“I always keep an eye open for wood. The ‘harvesting’ is almost as important as the making of the artwork”

De Croock doesn’t repaint the wood, letting it speak for itself

“Wood & Paint is a kind of conversation between different materials”

“That’s what it’s all about; we are all so different and yet so identical”

“Every piece [of wood] has it own story and comes together in a new composition and forms a new story”