Leaving an abusive partner is one of the most difficult choices a victim can make, but for some, telling their story afterwards is even harder. This woman decided to break the silence and share hers, and she’s been met with a viral round of applause.

The woman, an Imgur user who goes by the screen name krissykross, used screenshots of text conversations and written anecdotes to tell the world about ‘Adam,’ her physically, sexually and emotionally abusive ex-husband. “Strangers on the internet are better than keeping it inside for so long,” she wrote about her decision to open up 3 years after the end of it all. Her post has now been viewed over 600 thousand times, and has received an outpouring of support from commentators. “I upvoted because this is insanity and should be seen by more. Glad you’re okay,” one user wrote.

Though this woman was able to escape from her ordeal, it’s estimated by The Huffington Post that at least 3 women are killed by intimate partners each day in the US – over 1 thousand per year. Stories of survival are crucial for current victims who may be afraid to find help, and who may even still be unaware that they’re being abused. Read how krissykross found a way out of her toxic marriage below.

One brave woman decided to share the story of her abusive husband, showing some texts he had sent:


“This is a good example of strings of texts I would get at work while on shift (I am not allowed my phone on the clock.)”



“Tony was a coworker. I knew when he clocked off because it was when I was clocking on. Fella helped me change my tire one time and I was suddenly banging him (apparently.)”


“I stayed the night with a female friend from work. He knew because he “set traps” for me”


“I visit my mother one every couple years. I had a huge bruise on my arm from where my husband had bit me, leaving visible teeth marks. The bruise was so bad it hung around for almost a month. Long enough for a visit to my mothers and to still be photographed by NCIS when I finally turned him several weeks later.”



She continued to share her whole story:








If you or someone you love needs help, don’t be afraid. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233