We’ve already seen artists using money to create Cool Dollar Bill Origami, and you’ve probably already noticed that lately there has been an increase in innovative currency-related works of art. It may be due to the decreasing value of the dollar, but most probably it’s because there’s something magic about money – it’s the power to buy things, feed the starving ones, and even cause wars.

This time, we want to show you another creative idea to use your bills – it’s similar to origami art, but with a little twist. New Orleans-based artist Dan Tague folds a dollar bill as many as 100 times, until it spells out an unexpected phrase, including “We Need A Revolution” and “Trust No One.” He photographs the finished origami ideas on a black background and prints the photos in a large format (large enough that the Treasury Department can’t accuse him of counterfeiting). The themes in Tague’s unique art are protest, American history, and, of course, money. [1]


Trust No One

We Need A Revolution

Live Free Or Die

Dont Tread On Me

Lest We Forget


Reality Sucks

Save The Coast

Freedom Land

Holy Shit

Love And Hate

The Kids Are Alright