After losing her family pet, Rachel Grace Tyrer from Jonesboro, Arkansas, says she can’t get any closure because of the dog trainer who was taking care of it at the time. She claims that her puppy, Ollie, went to Hunter Nelson’s Four-Legged Retrievers for a 4-week dog training program but ended up lasting 11 weeks there.

Rachel wasn’t happy with the prolonged puppy training stay, so she reached out to Nelson on multiple occasions, but judging from their conversation, there was always an excuse why the owner couldn’t see her dog. Eventually, she got a text saying that Ollie died and was buried. Rachel thought the circumstances surrounding her pet’s death were mysterious and suspicious, so she decided to investigate it, but according to her, Nelson wasn’t of much help. She even thinks Nelson might have resold the allegedly dead dog.

“We went to high school together and originally [he] had a good reputation,” Tyrer told Bored Panda. “Ollie was a little over two years old when I took him to the Four-Legged Retrievers for dog training classes. [At first,] Nelson was nice and understanding, [but] then slowly become extremely shady.”

The NEA Report got in touch with the alleged scammer, and he said that not everything Rachel has said is true. “It’s not a scheme and for sure not drugs, I don’t know why you would even say that,” he told them.

“Truth is [the] dog got bit by a snake [and] passed away. I should have taken [the] dog straight to [the] vet like I was supposed to do, but instead, I flipped and didn’t. [I] buried [the dog] correctly by all means, but I messed up and told her I did and shouldn’t have. Now, if you’d give me time to talk to [an] attorney, I’d greatly appreciate it by all means.”

Rachel has contacted the police, but they refused to help, saying it was a civil case. Searching for answers to this freak accident, she turned to the internet, asking if anyone knows anything that could help her. Scroll down to check out the conversation between Tyrer and Nelson she has shared and told us what you think of the whole situation in the comments.

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“I couldn’t pay Nelson a surprise visit because he would not give me an accurate address,” Tyrer added. “I tried multiple times to contact other trainers to get his location, and no one had an accurate address.” And even though Nelson isn’t meeting with her, Rachel hopes to find her Ollie and is ready to do whatever it takes.

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