Alan James, a farmer from the UK, gave one of his sheepdogs, Pero, to another farm in Cockermouth. However, Pero went missing after only a few days. 12 days later, on April 20, Pero paid James’s family a surprise visit when he appeared on their doorstep…240 miles away in Penrhyncoch, Wales!

“We have a lot of dogs and a friend knew the farmer in Cockermouth was looking for a dog that could round sheep and follow a quad bike,” Alan’s wife Shan James told the Daily Mail. “We thought Pero would be ideal for the job.

“But then last Wednesday evening my husband Alan went out to check on the animals after supper and there was Pero on our doorstep. It was a bit of a shock, and the dog was going crazy after seeing Alan. When [Pero] came back, he wasn’t hungry or weak, so he must have managed to find food somewhere…we are very happy to have him home with us on the farm.” Real-life Homeward Bound!

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Farmer Alan James gave one of his many sheepdogs, Pero, to another farm to help them

But homesick Pero escaped their new owners and walked 240 miles in 12 days back to James

“It was a bit of a shock, and the dog was going crazy after seeing Alan,” said Alan’s wife Shan

The family was struck by Pero’s loyalty and has now decided to keep him

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