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Touching Portraits Of Stray Dogs Waiting To Be Adopted
User submission
Animals, Photography7 years ago

Touching Portraits Of Stray Dogs Waiting To Be Adopted

Where there is passion and love, there is always talent. Traer Scott has an abundance of all of these, and a photographic eye for capturing animals that is beyond words. If her pictures of street and shelter dogs don’t spur someone to want to adopt immediately, I’m not sure what would.

Traer’s main priority and most rewarding moments are when people are spurred to action in some meaningful way to help homeless animals. Why is adoption so important? In Traer’s words, “We have to euthanize millions of unwanted animals every year. Most animals in shelters did nothing wrong, they just had lousy humans. Animals are pure. Their motivation comes from a simple, uncorrupted place. I can respect and enjoy that.”

Traer has many books for sale on amazon that would be perfect gifts for any occasion including: “Newborn Puppies” and “Nocturne”.

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