Here’s a question—have you ever seen a dog’s selfie? We’re talking about a real selfie taken by a real-life dogger with his own adorable fluffy paws. We bet you haven’t. But don’t worry, because this is about to change.

Simone Giertz is a YouTuber and an inventor mostly known for her innovative and interesting, yet less than useful technical creations. Simone’s most recent project is a dog photo booth which allows a dog to take photos with its own paw!

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Simone built this selfie booth for her adorable fluffer named Scraps

Image credits: SimoneGiertz

Simone begins her video by saying this: “I love dog photos! I know, it’s such a controversial opinion. But something that I haven’t seen is dog selfies. And I don’t think that there’s a way for dogs to take photos of themselves, like, without human hands. So, I’m building a fully automated photo booth for Scraps.” By the way, Scraps is the name of Simone’s pupper.

Image credits: SimoneGiertz

The idea came to Simone when she was trying to teach her doggy to take a selfie using a phone, but her paws weren’t accurate enough for that

Image credits: SimoneGiertz

Turns out, Simone came up with the idea to build a photo booth for her dog when she was trying to teach her to scroll on a phone with her own paw and take a photo of herself. Unfortunately, these attempts didn’t turn out to be successful since the doggy’s paws aren’t that accurate. But it made Simone realize that if there was some kind of a button, Scraps would be able to press it.

Here’s a video in which Simone goes through the whole process of making this incredible selfie booth

Image credits: Simone Giertz

First, Simone built and programmed a mechanism that consists of a step with a button, camera, and a treat dispenser. Basically, whenever you press the step, the dispenser releases a treat and the camera takes a photo.

Simone built and programmed a mechanism that consists of a step with a button, camera, and a treat dispenser

Image credits: Simone Giertz

Image credits: Simone Giertz

Then Simone proceeded with building the photo booth structure using LEGO. After that, she installed the treat dispenser mechanism inside the photo booth structure, added a few finishing touches, and the booth was ready for Scraps to use.

The whole structure of the photo booth was built using LEGO bricks

Image credits: Simone Giertz

Image credits: Simone Giertz

Simone went to Twitter and shared some of the adorable selfies her dog took. The post currently has over 230k likes and almost 30k retweets.

People on Twitter seem to be quite impressed by this creation

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Many dog owners would like their fluffers to have one as well

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Some people even had ideas on how this whole mechanism could be improved

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What do you think about this dog selfie booth? Would you like to build something like this for your own doggy? Tell us down in the comments!