Having volunteered with shelter and rescued dogs from meat farms overseas for 16 years, Sarah Wolfgang came up with an idea to open the first dog cafe in the U.S. Located in Los Angeles, the cafe will let animal lovers adopt a dog while enjoying a cup of coffee!

“All of our dogs come from local shelters,” Sarah Wolfgang, the founder, told Bored Panda. “We work closely with the volunteers there to pull the ones that need it most. They recommend dogs they believe will benefit from socialization in our cafe setting. We have anywhere from 8-14 at the cafe at any given time. Our whole adoption process can take up to a month. We understand that this is a lengthy process, but this ensures that our dogs go to homes that are 100% ready to make a lifetime commitment to their new four-legged family member.”

The Dog Cafe first opened it’s doors (soft opening) December 17, 2015. We’ve already had 3 very successful adoptions. Our grand opening will be April 7th where we’ll unveil our full coffee shop.”

More info: thedogcafela.com | Facebook (h/t: thedodo)

“We consider The Dog Cafe a halfway house for dogs,” said the founder Sarah Wolfgang

“When visitors see our dogs here with us, they see them in their true light”

“We make every effort to find each dog his or her best home”

“We would never stick an energetic dog with someone who likes to hang out at home rather than be outdoors”

“This helps us ensure that the dog will end up in their very own forever home”

“Our adoption application process alone usually takes a week”

“We then allow the adopter 1-2 weeks of a trial adoption, sometimes even longer, to make their final decision”

“If something doesn’t work out (which it hasn’t yet) we will always open our doors up to taking the dogs back”

“Our whole adoption process, from application to legal transfer of all paper work can take up to one month”

“For many, it’s a lengthy process…But for us, it ensures that each dog goes to his or her last, forever home”

Thank you, Sarah Wolfgang, for talking to Bored Panda about your wonderful dog cafe!