Wondering what to do with that jar of pennies collecting dust in the back of your cupboard? Well, we’ve finally found a good use for them thanks to Tonya Tooners. The Portland, Oregon-based DIY enthusiast used over 13,000 coins to make a beautiful patterned floor in her house, and as you can see, it’s worth every penny!

She made it using three $50 bags of pennies from the bank, along with some Elmer’s glue (ok, ten bottles of Elmer’s glue to be precise), wood filler, grout, and some expensive epoxy. The project took a few months to complete, and progress was often stalled because one of her dogs kept pooping on the pennies (“The dog’s name is Trouble,” she wrote on Imgur. “So that one might be on us”). She didn’t have a particular design in mind and said she “just started with the diamonds, liked how it looked and kept going,” but we’re sure you’ll agree that her efforts have really paid off! Get it? Never mind. (h/t: mymodernmet)