My husband and I continued our tradition of making an Unconventional Christmas tree for the 6th year in a row. This year, we used 2 gallons of glue, 15 pounds of corn starch, and a lot of green yarn to create a giant version of the popular smaller yarn cone craft.

After creating a giant cone mold, we were able to soak the yarn in a one-part glue, one-part corn starch mixture, and wrap it all around. After a week, it dried and we were able to remove the mold to decorate it. It was a mess fitting for the year 2020, but as always, it was fun! Enjoy!

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The finished result

We even made the ornaments from yarn and glue too


Supplies we used

First we made a giant cone mold from chicken wire covered in paper


Then we wrapped the cone with plastic wrap to keep the glue soaked and yarn from sticking

You can tell, it was a mess

For ornaments we took 100 water balloons and wrapped them in different colored yarn


After one week we took the tree out of the mold. It is completely hollow inside!


putting the ornaments on the string of lights

Adding the ornaments, some fairy lights, and some other details made it pop!

All finished!

Watch the whole process in this video!

Which unconventional tree do you like best out of all we’ve done so far? Lets us know in the comments!