My husband and I have started an unconventional Christmas tree tradition. With half this year gone we’re already trying to plan for this year’s! This past year we based our tree on a popular paper bag craft I saw on Pinterest where you twist and cut the ends to create branches. Instead of a miniature paper bag tree I suggested we built a giant paper bag out of Kraft paper and create a life size version. I decided the tree itself was ugly so I painted it white and made it much more festive for Christmas. Including a disco ball made from cut up CDs and pillow stuffing for snow. Here’s the result.

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Kraft paper being constructed into giant paper bag

15 foot giant paper bag

Paper bag tree while holding miniature real paper bag tree

Painted white to be more festive

CD disco ball tree topper. Hung from ceiling when finished.

Can’t forget the “snow”


We were able to change the color of the tree by adding colored papers in front of the spot lights.

CD disco ball tree topper

We sent out a Christmas card with our two other family members because the branches ended up looking “snake like”…our family members weren’t too thrilled!

Watch how we built it in this video!