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We Made An Unconventional Christmas Tree From A Stack Of Paint Samples And Some Old Blinds
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DIY4 years ago

We Made An Unconventional Christmas Tree From A Stack Of Paint Samples And Some Old Blinds

My husband and I make an unconventional Christmas tree every December. Do you remember our DIY Christmas tree from last year on Bored Panda?

This particular year, we also bought a fixer-upper house and are in the process of home repairs. Six months later, after countless trips and thousands of dollars spent to various home improvement stores, we also managed to save a stack of paint samples we would consider using in the process!

We used some old Venetian blinds and some wire to form a tree structure for hanging Christmas decorations before attaching the paint samples and everything else. Even the star is made from the blinds. Enjoy!

P.S. We still haven’t picked our favorite paint colors yet from the Pantone, but have at least 20 favorites. Hopefully, this DIY project will help us decide!

More info: Facebook

Here it is finished

We started with so many choices! Actually, we saved a few colors each time we had to visit a store that sold paint

First, we taped them up on the wall to get organized

Then, we cut up the blinds and used the top bar as the trunk

After drilling holes into the bar I added metal wire in a tree form and attached the blind blades

Finished frame before adding the paint samples

We had just enough!

Added some lights and ornaments


Watch the building process unfold in this video


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