I had this idea for a long time – recycle and make something out of my collection of used bicycle parts collected from my own bikes and nearby bicycle shops.

The project was born in my mind in 2011 during my art lessons in college. A few days ago my china-made energy saver overhead bulb burst, and as I was fixing it I thought to myself “let’s try to bring that old idea to life!”

More info: witonosfreestyle

Circular outer frame

The rim of my rear wheel, which was hit by a careless driver, becoming warped and unusable for riding.

Chain ring

This came from my very first mountain bike, which was heavily abused through my riding trips and warped as a result.

Ball lights

I had intended to use brighter light bulbs, but for convenience’s sake, I used these pre-made ball lights bought from Thailand during a music-fest-photography trip. I bought one just for fun and never thought it would come in handy.

It is not as bright in reality and might need some improvement for that. The effect is kinda cool though, and it would be interesting to explore using the shapes of cogwheels and chains in creating shadows.

Final product

The second design is currently underway with the help of a friend in the design industry. Hope you like this as much as I enjoyed building it! Any feedback is welcome!