Though the animals we see starring in most Disney movies are easy enough to associate with, many of us still often imagine them as people, sometimes even putting ourselves in their places. Pugletto, an artist in Wisconsin, takes this a step further by re-drawing those characters as she thinks they might look as humans, also doing her best to preserve what she thinks might be their ethnic backgrounds.

She told Cosmopolitan that she “got really frustrated about the amount of Simbas with white skin and flowing red hair. The way I see it, is The Lion King is a story that takes place in Africa… [so] I reimagined the characters as humans the way they would look if they were from Africa.”

The Lion King isn’t all she drew – check out more of her art below!

More info: Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Deviantart (h/t: cosmopolitan)


Lady And The Tramp



Nala, Zazu And Simba

The Hyenas

The Jungle Book

Shere Khan

Elsa As A Dog