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Giant Straw Dinosaurs Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest
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Giant Straw Dinosaurs Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest

Niigata Prefecture, Japan, has thought of a novel way to use the straw left over from their rice harvest. A “wara” or rice-straw festival is held every August 31st, where local artists build elaborate straw sculptures over wooden frames. The frames allow the statues to be larger and let spectators interact with them.

Amy Goda, an aspiring local artist, has gained fame for her spectacular rice-straw dinosaur sculptures. Her massive creatures have made the Wara Art Festival famous online. Visitors hoping to catch a glimpse of these unique sculptures can go to Uwasekigata Park in Niigata City’s Nishikan Ward, where they will remain until the beginning of November.

More info: (h/t: demilkedrocketnews24)

Niigata Prefecture holds its Wara Art Festival every August 31st

“Wara” means rice-straw in Japanese

Image credits: amymauscd

Rice-straw is a by-product of the yearly rice harvest

Image credits: kiyukatawani

The straw is attached to wooden frames to provide stability and allow for greater size

The results are surprising

Image credits: amymauscd

Amy Goda studies art in Niigata Prefecture

Her incredible dinosaurs have attracted international attention

Various techniques are used to create the behemoths

Image credits: agedashi0210

The method used to build thatched cottages is similar to that used for the sculptures

This makes for stable structures that visitors can interact with

Image credits: Ruki40788274

Image credits: amymauscd

Image credits: amymauscd

Image credits: yuko_vitzksp90


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