Just like many others around the globe, I was saddened by the departure of a great artist of our age – David Bowie. I have to admit, though, my sadness is somehow selfish. I knew that it wouldn’t be long until my turn facing the end of this life, just like my favourite artist who sang me these songs that I grew up listening to.

However, there are some artists behind the mask of sadness, are simply prompted to promote their freshly-made paintings and prints, to profit from shocked fans who want to pay tribute to their hero. On that very same day!

So, instead of sharing arts made on the death of David Bowie, here I would like to share some of his very own artwork. Let’s pay real tribute to him by celebrating his creativity! David Bowie paintings show a knowledgeable approach to art, influenced by Frank Auerbach, David Bomberg, Francis Bacon and Francis Picabia.

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Child In Berlin – 1977


Berlin Landscape With JO – 1978

(Portrait of Iggy Pop)


Hearts Filthy Lesson – 1995

Self-Portrait – 1978

Inspired by the cover for the album cover of Heroes (Victoria and Albert Museum)

DHead series

Bowie continuously painted these DHeads during his career, but it only went public around 1994.

DHeads II


South Africa series An exploration of Bowie’s thoughts on the “white ancestor” story, gleaned from his trip to South Africa. The artist wrote: “In 1995 Iman and I took our first trip to South Africa. One of the prevailing stories handed down is that when the first tribes saw the white man they presumed they were being visited by their ancestors, as in their mythology the ancestors appear as a ghost-like white form.”

Ancestor II

Dry Heads Capetown – 1995

Evol For The Missing – 1996

I Am A World Champion – 1977

The Rape Of Bigarschol – 1996

Portrait Of JO – 1976

Squeeze 2000 – 1996

Turkish Father And Son – 1978

Present Future Accepted – 1995





The Man Behind It All