This new art series, created by Alena Tkach for NeonMob, is the story of a curious kitty named Pinkerton. Told through two beautifully illustrated images, our tiny hero makes new friends getting lost in the forest, and ultimately finding his way home.

On the subjects of cats and the inspiration for Pinkerton’s adventure, Tkach says, “I love cats and I am sure that most of people love them too. I have a cat named Lisa who is so playful and a great thief of various small things. I also used to collect photos of uncommon animals hugging or carrying cats. I love nature, the woods, mountains, undiscovered and secret places, so that’s where my idea comes from. Pinkerton is a small cat, who is exploring the world and is surprised by most things. This feature of his and his big round eyes made my friend invent a special verb “to pinkertone”, which he uses when somebody gawps.”

More info: Neonmob | Behance