I am an artist from South Africa. I grew up loving fantasy art and stories. The dragons that inhabited them always felt like the most imposing of characters. I loved imagining what they would look like. I try work humor into my work as much as I can, there is so much inspiration out there.

Cats and dogs inspire me with the funny things they do, old sayings and jokes, even the news. It really makes me happy to see people smile, both young and old as they look through the modern dragons.

More info:

The Junk Yard Dragon

Your junk yard dogs going missing? You may have a dragon on the premises.

Keep Off Grass!

Modern dragons have authority issues.

I’m Just A Birdy Too

Modern dragons are masters of disguise!

Making Friends


Gold Rush

If It Fits, I Sits


Fun With A Hose Pipe

Old Enemies


Dragons hate butterflies because they are treasure that is impossible to hoard.

Dragon’s Den

Sleeping Dragon Modern Treasures

Wolfs Clothing

The only thing more dangerous than a wolf in sheep’s clothing is a dragon in wolfs clothing.

The Gnome Enigma

Dragons may have had something to do with the disappearance of Gnomes.

Trial By Fire


On Gaurd

Egg Eaters

Sleeping Dragon

Christmas Dragon

Dragon Spotting