In Japan, there are many pet-shops selling animals. A small life is evaluated and sold for a certain price. This story is about one life.

My friend Illustrated a story of a simple dog. Every day it was sad. Nobody had taken him out. But one day one old man noticed him from the outside of the petshop and took him home. This dog’s life is dramatically changed.

It was a cold rainy day

A dog was sad

One lady stopped in front of window, and for a moment dog got excited

But…. He was not taken home… Another puppy was the lucky one

Every time this dog looked outside, that puppy looked happy and enjoying his walks

Everyday it was sad. But one day, an old man took a glance at him

Finally! This dog could go out to the big world

Sometimes, they got into fights

Sometimes, this dog annoyed an old man

Everyday, an old man took care of this dog

This dog was essential to this man

Winter was coming and an old man got sick

Getting worse, he went to the hospital

A dog was waiting at home. It looked sad because its lovely man was in a hospital

One day, the good news finally came

The old man was out of hospital

Of course, he was glad to see his family

He was happy to see his dog