Elizabeth Climo, or simply Liz Climo, is a talented young animator currently working with the everlasting The Simpsons TV-show. When her day job ends, however, she still has enough time, creative energy, and inspiration to create witty and cute comics that present various adorable animals in amusing everyday interactions.

After finishing her work as a storyboard revisionist for The Simpsons, she returns to her nocturnal passion of drawing cute characters engaged in delightful dialogues. She has created a Tumblr dedicated specifically to these animal comics. The absurdity and humor that Liz meets in everyday interactions find their way into the simple yet beautiful drawings that she shares with her fans.

The popularity of the webcomics came as a pleasant surprise to the artist. Her fan base grows bigger and bigger with every new piece, which was the greatest motivation for the artist. “I am pretty surprised by the response I have gotten on Tumblr so far, but am extremely thankful and appreciative,“ said the animator in an interview with Daily Dot. “These comic strips are dedicated to everyone. Hopefully, they make you smile, because smiling is fun.”

Source: lizclimo.tumbrl.com | Facebook  (via)