We recently wrote about Nathan Shields, a father who creates surprisingly realistic educational pancake drawings for his children. And he’s definitely not the only one, either! The two artists below are just a couple more people really into pancake art.

Because pretty much anyone can make pancake batter, it’s pretty easy and fun to get started. All you need is flour, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt – plus sugar and any other flavoring you may want. The two different artists who made these spectacular pancakes also probably used some sort of additive, like cocoa powder, to change the color of their batter as well. Depending on what you’re drawing, you can either drip or squirt the batter. Keep in mind that whatever you draw will be flipped when you flip the pancake!

Have you ever made or seen any other pancake art? If so, share it with us at the bottom of the post!

Source: imgur

Inspired by the tiger pancake,  “KCLee” created a Doge pancake: