Our world is so saturated with logos, ads and brands that it is really difficult to show anything new, especially in advertising. People are becoming more and more indifferent to marketing messages. Advertisers are left with two choices: push the boundaries with even stronger messages, and probably get banned, or come up with some new ground-breaking ideas. A good way to start is to find original places for adverting – like.. elevator.

Elevator? Yes, according to statistics the average number of riders in a high-rise building is 500 people per day[1]. These ads cannot be turned off like tv ads, and by some people are viewed more than once a day. Some experts even say that elevator advertising reduces vandalism in elevators by giving riders something to do between floors.

However, let’s put the theory aside, and jump straight to the 20 creative elevator ad examples. Let the inspiration be with you panda friends!

1. Great Lakes Science Center

Advertising Agency: Brokaw, Cleveland, USA

2. Durex: Better Shape, Better Sex

3. Hairy elevator

Advertising Agency: Ponto de Criacao, Brazil

4. Superman, The Movie

Advertising Agency: JWT, Brazil

5. Folliderm: Bald man

Advertising Agency: Sorento Healthcare Communications, Mumbai, India

6. Fiat Punto: Elevator parking sensor

Advertising Agency: Giovanni + DraftFcb S?o Paulo, Brazil

7. Gold’s Gym

Advertising Agency: Quadrant Communications ltd

8. Swiss Skydive: Free fall

Advertising Agency: Wirz/BBDO, Switzerland

9. Bacel: Take Action. Love Your Heart

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Istanbul, Turkey

10. Snuff Clothing

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Oslo, Norway

11. Sabina Stobrawe: Divorce Lift

Advertising Agency: g k k DialogGroup, Frankfurt, Germany

12. Shams Taekwondo School

Advertising Agency: JWT, Manama, Bahrain

13. Fitness Company

Credits: Publicis

14. Plastic Surgery Clinic: Be Born Again

15. Maxwell House: Wake Up

16. Gold’s Gym: Overweight

Advertising Agency: PragmaDDB

17. Witness Against Torture

Advertising Agency: TBWARAAD, Dubai, UAEAdvertising

18. Consol Energy

Agency: Blattner Brunner, Pittsburgh, USA

19. Coca-Cola Zero

Advertising Agency: DCS/Porto Alegre, Brazil

20. Fifa World

21. Sport Batel Gym

Advertising Agency: Fuego Comunicao Criativa, Brazil