There are many joys to being a parent, but none quite as much as being able to use your little kids to recreate gruesome and surreal scenarios that look like the stuff of nightmares. Take a look at these cool photos to see what we mean, but before you start worrying, rest assured that these kids are more than happy to feature in their dad’s creepy children photography!

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Hoffine has spent the past decade turning nightmares into reality. Using cameras, props, and a twisted sense of imagination, the photographer also uses his daughters as models in his macabre and scary photos. His most well-known photo series, called ‘After Dark My Sweet’, focuses on the sorts of nightmares and horror characters we’ve all feared as children, and if you’d like to own your own collection of his creative photography then you can find his book on Kickstarter. Buy it if you dare…

More info: Joshua Hoffine | Kickstarter | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: didyouknow?, Huffpost)

Joshua Hoffine is a photographer who likes spending time with his daughters

But as you can see, combining his work and his family leads to very interesting results!

He gets his daughters to pose for his nightmarish photoshoots

But even though they look terrified, the kids can’t get enough of it

“They loved it,” said Hoffine. “It was like a giant game of dress-up for them”

“They also knew we were making a scary picture — and loved the idea of scaring the audience as much as I did.”

For the rest of us however, Hoffine’s pictures are downright scary!

His most well-known series is called ‘After Dark My Sweet’

The series is themed around the nightmares we have as children

And as you can see from these pictures, they certainly are nightmarish!