If Singlhild Nystrom survives all the crazy things she’s doing, she will have one of the coolest childhood photo albums ever – all thanks to her dad’s endless imagination and photo editing skills. Swedish photographer Emil Nystrom digitally inserts his 1-year-old baby girl into such crazy situations as fixing a car, wielding a ninja sword, or flying after a plane. Interestingly, some of the cool photos were made even before baby Singhild could crawl, her mom Isabelle had to hold her up for a shoot and be erased from the frame later.

“When Isabelle was pregnant with our baby I came up with many creative ideas that I wanted to do once our adorable baby arrived,” says Emil. “It’s just so much fun. There is nothing serious about these photo manipulations and that shows when we take them. The only thing that usually is in my mind when I take them is to get as funny face as possible from the baby.” Photographer says he never knows where the inspiration might come from: sometimes an idea hits him while doing something completely different, and sometimes he does have to sit down and brainstorm a bit.

Emil lines up as another prolific member of the creative dads’ community, along with Jason Lee and Dave Engledow, who can all proudly say their cute babies will have great memories captured even before they could remember them.

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