Meet Meagan V. Blazier, real estate photographer, single mother and artist. Meagan creates stunning and unique landscape pieces, or as she calls them, “imaginescapes,” using a camera that surprises and stuns most people once they have seen her work. All of the photos are captured with a Canon PowerShot SX40HS.

She picked up her first camera after the birth of her son in order to document him growing up and their lives together. She soon realized, however, that it was also a great way for her to relieve the pressures of everyday life and of being a single mother. Meagan has found inspiration in everyday scenes, scenes that the average person may pass by without a second thought. She became inspired by old and abandoned buildings. She wanted to give them new life through her photography.

She quickly started to develop her own unique style. Dark, moody, atmospheric and mysterious. Her use and control of lighting give her pieces such dynamic range and depth that you can often find yourself feeling like you can step right into them.

Meagan says “it’s not the camera, but who’s behind the camera, that matters.”

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“This photo, “Countryside” is special to me because this is when I really grew as an artist. I familiarized myself with Lightroom, learned how to use each tool, and realized the editing power that was available. This was my very first attempt at using those tools to creating depth in an image and make the image just as compelling as someone who used more expensive gear. This image was edited completely in Lightroom with very basic edits”

Meagan has sold numerous prints of her work, has works licensed for book covers, been published in SHOT Magazine, various online publications, and has been awarded three Editor’s Choice picks on 500px. Meagan continues to pursue her passion, push her creativity, and inspire others.

Meagan’s Camera

“But I don’t use expensive gear to bring my vision to life. All of my photos are captured with a Canon PowerShot SX40HS (jpg) — a model I’m not even sure Canon still makes.”