Smartphones might have revolutionized the world, but they aren't without their flaws. Just like humans are still brought to tears by a kick in the shins, smartphones also have their weak spots, and none more so than their screens. Anybody who's ever dropped their phone (or sat on it, or fell on it, or let their kid play with it) will know how brittle the displays can be, and nothing makes a good day bad and a bad day worse than seeing your screen reduced to an ugly mosaic of cracks. As you can see from this list compiled by Bored Panda however, humans are nothing if not a resourceful bunch. Take a look at the "fixes" below to see what we mean.

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#5 Making The Best Of A Bad Time

Making The Best Of A Bad Time

youkaineko Report

John Kuki 2 years ago

Is that protective case before or after? In any "case", it seems pointless. :D

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#9 Make The Best Of What You Have

Make The Best Of What You Have

haqimyzaidi Report

Haley Teal 2 years ago

obviously a saitama lover:)

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