I am Glenn Ellul a self-taught illustrator and I use fine pens to create surreal illustrations. I’ve decided to transform a blank white Canvas into a work of art. A project that took 300 hours to complete.

Metal is one of the most amazing material to work on, but also one of the most challenging. Before I started, I decided to document this intricate process by filming a time-lapse of the project which you can find in the article.

The piece tells a story which is set in an unspecified future during a monstrosity war which takes place in Japan.

Through this transformation, I wanted to express the importance of craftsmanship which I feel is somewhat being lost in this day and age where technology is taking over most aspects of life. The process through which I create my work is a commitment to patience and a rebellion against the immediacy that surrounds us.

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Unboxing the cooler

Initial drawing with fine black pen directly on metal

Second Panel

The Result

Exhibited Permanently at MedAsia Lounge, Malta

The Making of…