Politicians are often accused of being “out of touch” with regular people – they are too distant, too elitist and just can’t relate to the daily lives of their constituents.

So when congresswoman Katie Porter showed up at a crucial impeachment inquiry vote dressed in full Batgirl costume, many applauded her sense of humor and embrace of the Halloween spirit. After all, many millions of us show up to work in costume on Halloween. Why should politicians be any different?

Some people, however, did not see the funny side of Porter’s choice of dress and were quick to vent their outrage online.

Predictably, the reactions were split along partisan lines. Democrats largely delighted in the fun, woman-of-the-people gesture, pointing out that one can be a serious, dedicated politician without having to take oneself too seriously.

Many Republicans, on the other hand, were appalled by a perceived lack of respect for the situation at hand.

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“As House Democrats prepare to officially blow up their Majority with impeachment, @RepKatiePorter is prancing around dressed as Batman,” the National Republican Congressional Committee tweeted. “This is how seriously these clowns are taking impeachment.”

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Porter herself seems to be pretty unfussed about the situation, taking the attention over her costume in her stride whilst concentrating on the vital continuation of the impeachment inquiry.

“Taking my work in Congress seriously doesn’t mean I take *myself* too seriously,” she tweeted. “To my kids Luke, Paul, and Betsy, I’m still just Mom—seeing the Bat-Signal on Halloween & putting on a goofy costume come with the territory. Stay safe trick-or-treating tonight, everyone!”

Here’s how people reacted to Congresswoman Porter’s Halloween dress up