If you’ve got an impeccable eye for detail, you might have noticed by now that Coca-Cola’s polar bear-adorned holiday cans hide a few secret – and refreshing – symbols, and the ways they were disguised are supremely clever.

The man behind the campaign is none other than Israeli graphic designer and artist Noma Bar. He’s an expert at using negative space as a creative canvas, and his minimal yet masterful works often contain multiple images woven together. That’s why it comes as no surprise that when Bar was bringing the polar bears now featured on Coca-Cola’s festive cans for a second consecutive year to life, he infused their wavy silhouettes with imagery that only the sharpest eye could pick up.

“The illustrations feel fresh and playful and capture special holiday moments of family togetherness,” Bar told Design Taxi about the limited-edition soda cans, which have been released in lush shades of red, green, silver and black.

Have a look for yourself below, and put your old ‘I-Spy’ skills to the test.


    These festive Coca-Cola cans have fun hidden images woven into their sleek designs

    Can you spot them? (Hint: Think of a cold, refreshing bottle of the drink in question)


    Bottles on their glistening noses…

    And negative space images of open Coca-Cola bottles…

    “I realized that I was not just drawing bears, but landscapes as well,” Bar said

    “The illustrations… capture special holiday moments of family togetherness”

    Image credits: DelishDotCom