All Nippon Airways Flight 175 was doomed to suffer backlash when they decided to turn around halfway through an 11-hour long haul, but once they realized sass queen Chrissy Teigen was on board, things escalated pretty damn fast.

The model and her husband, John Legend, were on their way from Los Angeles to Tokyo with ANA when it came to light that one of the plane’s passengers had boarded the wrong flight. The flyer in question was, indeed, headed to Tokyo with his brother, but had apparently booked with United instead and had somehow bypassed All Nippon’s security. According to the airline’s staff, they were then required by law to return to LAX after 4 hours of travel, resulting in what Teigen has now labelled an ‘8-hour flight to nowhere.’

Thankfully, the reigning monarch of social media was live-tweeting the whole thing, and her play-by-play updates ended up being the most hilarious thing we’ll probably see before this year is over. Scroll down to read more, and tell us your worst flying experience ever in the comments!

Model and queen of sass Chrissy Teigen just had the weirdest experience ever – a ‘flight to nowhere’

In true Chrissy fashion, she live-tweeted the entire thing, and… Well, she was just a little bit salty

Her followers tried their best to investigate…

But after such an exhausting ordeal, she just couldn’t even deal with it anymore

It turned out that it was all due to a passenger who wrongly boarded the same All Nippon Airways flight as her

People were hanging off her every update

Chrissy and her husband, John Legend, were eventually put up in the airport lounge

Finally, the time came to try it all over again

Chrissy and John thankfully arrived in Tokyo last night – just in time for a sushi date!

What was your worst flying experience? Tell us below!