Just when we, together with our readers, collected a list of cute Japanese bento-inspired food artworks, a creative cook that we happened to miss has been revealed. Li Ming, a mother of two in Singapore, creates adorable famous character bento (or kyaraben) lunches and dinners for her children.

Sometimes Ming comes up with her own creative ideas, but she also takes requests from her two sons – Ivan Tey, 10, and Lucas Tey, 7. Together, they’ve all come up with brilliant bento box lunch ideas – from Hello Kitty and Spiderman to Spongebob and Super Mario.

Li Ming publishes many of her bento designs on her blog and on Instagram, sometimes even posting how-to tutorials for her edible art. She does, however, keep some of them secret in anticipation of her upcoming book. Be sure to follow her blog for more cute, delicious, and healthy food ideas – and read on for her interview with Bored Panda!

More info: bentomonsters.com | Flickr | Instagram (h/t: dailymail)

I started out packing kyrabens for them to bring to school in 2011 but stopped last year after my older boy changed to the morning session,” Ming told Bored Panda.

My boys have been bringing undecorated bentos to school since last year. These food that I share are for their lunch or dinner at home.

These lunches usually take around half an hour to make, excluding the cooking of food. Most take shorter than half an hour, some take longer.

The food must still taste good,  I try to keep that in mind when making my food art. This is because my boys won’t want to eat food that don’t taste good, regardless of how amazing it looks.

“The book is still in progress, estimated to be out in the US fall of next year.

Thank you, Li Ming, for the interview with Bored Panda. We wish you continuing culinary creativity!