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Cat’s Chillout Zone
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Cat’s Chillout Zone


Every member of every household needs a space of their own to relax in. Cats have extremely tiring lives, as anyone who’s ever owned one will testify, and they’ve never truly forgotten the time they spent being worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. So, with this in mind, the owners of cosy & dozy practice the philosophy that we are there for the animals, and not them for us. This is why they make products that meet the needs of cats, cat lovers and lovers of good design.

They were first inspired in this area after adopting a litter of kittens. The little ones needed a safe place to live which didn’t interfere with the overall design of the flat. And so the idea of creating a range of unique, handmade products for cats and dogs, which provide for their comfort and convenience, was born.

Your cat will absolutely love the idea of laying around, doing nothing but sleeping on the oval wall mounted shelf “CHILL”. He’ll also love the viewpoint onto the world that it gives him, whilst having a great appreciation for the delicate softness of the pillow.

Animals give us so much, why not return the favor by giving them the perfect place to chill?

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