A lot of us dream about being recognized and praised for all of our hard work at our jobs. (And some of us might secretly hope that the entire world hears about our awesomeness.) Well, something similar happened to Walmart employee Sam Reynolds who was named cashier of the week a while back.

The internet quickly took notice and people started posting ridiculously over-the-top and fun stories out of the blue about why Sam deserved to get the title. Scroll down and have a read through some of the exaggerated stories that make Sam sound like a superhero (and we secretly hope that some of these are true).

When the Walmart in Streator named Sam their cashier of the week, nobody could have predicted the response this would get

The cashier got a massive amount of attention online. Streator Walmart’s post about her racked up over 74k likes, 147k shares, and a whopping 164k comments.

“This happened for no reason. I don’t even know how to feel. I guess it’s cool. I don’t have time for all the comments,” Sam said in an interview.

Sam works at the Walmart in Streator, Illinois. However, she works there only two days a week; the rest of the time she works as a cosmetologist at Great Clips.

After Sam went viral on the net, some fans wanted to visit her and see the legend in person. So some of them were disappointed to learn that she doesn’t spend all of her time at Walmart. However, when she came back to work, some people from out of town dropped by the store to take pictures of her. What’s more, the store kept getting calls about Sam.

People posted funny and over-the-top stories about the cashier that make her sound like a real-life superhero

Sam added that people visiting the salon where she works as a cosmetologist bring up her fame all the time.

“I wasn’t expecting it to go all out like this or for people to call into the store. Some radio station in Bloomington was like ‘we have to find Sam’ and I got tagged in it like, 47 times. It was a bit much,” Sam shared how too much attention can sometimes be overwhelming.

According to her, she and her colleagues are a close-knit team and they support one another: “We all work as a team here. Everyone has been like ‘go Sam!’ through the whole thing.”