Every now and then parents need a timeout from their kids, and KinderPerfect is perfect to help them blow off steam. Created by Wayan and Amy Vota, fans of the iconic Cards Against Humanity, KinderPerfect is just like the infamous party game itself, but specially designed for parents. Believe me, it’s just as inappropriate and unapologetic as the original.

DC-based husband and wife claim their daughters Hanalei and Archer were the main inspiration to create this Cards Against Humanity twin. “Like every parent, we love our kids, but they can drive us crazy,” Wayan told HuffPost.

KinderPerfect was launched after a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising over $20,000, and is constantly evolving, too. The newest version is expected to ship on November 20, 2017 (pre-order here), and it’s as real as all those sleep-deprived nights, because parents were crowdsourced to create its 400 questions and answer cards.

More info: Amazon | kinderperfect.com (h/t scarymommy)