Sometimes, in this crazy dog-eat-dog world, we need a reminder of the essential kindness of the human spirit. Before we were all conditioned to believe that life is a competition, that we should climb over each other in an endless, pointless race to consume more and more stuff, we used to live in communities that looked out for each other and supported those in need.

Image credits: Nick Knouse

This story, told on the subreddit r/HumansBeingBros, proves that while the media likes to portray a world full of petty divisiveness and anger, with danger and outrage lurking around every corner, the ordinary person still harbors that innate compassion and goodwill towards their fellow man, and it cannot be quashed!

It started when a woman set out to ‘sell’ her car, secure in the knowledge that she had enough, and that this particular vehicle was surplus to requirements. She was insightful enough to know however that not everyone is so lucky, and what is excess for her could be essential for somebody else. So when she was contacted by a mother whose circumstances were clearly less comfortable than her own, something magical happened!

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