I like to draw. I draw since I was a little kid. Most of my drawings were portraits or some things related to school subjects. So in the last couple of years I started to think about how to create a series of drawings that would be somewhat similar and different, and that would be different from what everyone has done so far. So one day on the way from college to home I got an idea why not draw cans?

It took me almost two years to get into it and now that’s really what I like to do. I use a large paper format because it’s easier to highlight a variety of details. Almost all of my life I’ve drawn with a pencil but the pen is more consistant, more neat and doesn’t erase. And drawings are in greyscale because I don’t like to work with colors. The drawing process begins with sketching. Then follows the scribbling process. Since the texture of paper is rough, I get the tone by scribbling the layer by layer until I reach the needed result.

Each drawing takes about three weeks to complete. By the way, I document the whole process and you can see it on my YouTube channel, while you can track the photos of the drawing process on my Instagram profile.

More info: Instagram

Before I can start sketching, I cut out a sheet of paper

Sketching with grid technique

UniPin pens

Scribbling process


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Paulaner logo



Stella Artois logo


Stella Artois

Paulaner on Canson paper

Short videos of progress are uploaded on YouTube channel Cans on Canson.